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Aao Milker QCD mein Utsava Manayein!

All Super Active GBOs are cordially invited for QCD on 13th & 14th October 18. Lets make the bonding...

Date: 01-10-2018 , 01:10 pm

Greetings & Congratulations to our Brand New Qualified Silver Shri Murari Lal Sharma!

Lets deliver our Large Greetings & Congratulations to our dynamic leader Shri Murari Lal Sharma (fro...

Date: 28-09-2018 , 01:35 pm

Good News with Greetings! Angira Aloekesar Gel is ready for delivery

Congratulations to Everyone! Angira Aloekesar Multipurpose Gel is ready for delivery. An Amazing ski...

Date: 01-09-2018 , 05:39 pm

Congratulations to our Brand New QUALIFIED SILVER Shri Madan Lal

Quit simple, down to earth, a pro-active distributor and now a brand new Qualified Silver Shri Madan...

Date: 29-08-2018 , 10:21 am

Corporation Bank Old Account No. is updated to NEW AC NO.: 510101002906375

Respected All! We wish to inform you that Company's Corporation Bank old account number is changed a...

Date: 15-08-2018 , 10:24 am

Happy Independence Day to All

Our flag does not fly because only the wind moves it. It flies with the last breath of each soldier,...

Date: 04-08-2018 , 10:09 am

Congratulations to our 2 New Qualified Silvers Shri Bhinwa Ram & Shri Ramesh Kumawat!

It is a very proud moment to announce you all that in july 2018 closing we have 2 NEW QUALIFIED SILV...

Date: 26-07-2018 , 10:13 am

Purchase 100PPV Products in 1 Invoice & Get 1 Pack of Mahashakti plus Pragyavati Tabs Rs 565 OR 1Ltr Carwash Rs. 630 for Free!

Purchase the products of 100PVs or Rs. 5000BV in A Single Invoice and get 1Pc of Mahashakti Tablets...

Date: 15-07-2018 , 11:45 am

Invitation For QCD on 14th & 15th July 18!

Lets make the bonding more strong. Join us at our Quarterly Function of Recognition & Celebration. T...

Date: 04-07-2018 , 01:25 pm

Happy Birthday Gyankul!

Today is Gyankul's 5th Birthday! Gyankul was born to educate & empower our people through the 21st C...

Date: 01-06-2018 , 03:58 pm

Buy Products of 100PV in Single Invoice & Get 1Ltr Carwash Free!

Purchase the products of 100PVs or Rs. 5000BV in A Single Invoice and get 1 Liter Carwash Concentrat...

Date: 01-05-2018 , 06:08 am

Lakh Lakh badhai to our Brand New Qualified Silver Shri Sharwan Lal Jat!

Everyone starts there Gyankul Independent Business from zero. But some of them decide to finish high...

Date: 22-04-2018 , 12:09 pm

Please update your PAN & bank account numbers

Respected Gyankul Business Owners! To receive your bonus & commissions it is mandatory to provide yo...

Date: 10-04-2018 , 10:23 am

Special Invitation to All Active GBOs for 11th QCD!

Lets be together on the special occasion of 11th QCD (Quarterly Celebration Day) of the Gyankul. Goi...

Date: 01-04-2018 , 06:58 pm

Congratulations to our 1st Leadership Depth Bonus Achiever Mr. Omprakash Sharma!

Lets give a round of applause & Congratulate to our QUALIFIED SILVER MR. OMPARKASH SHARMA (from Itaw...

Date: 01-03-2018 , 05:40 pm

The Revolutionary Feature STF is live now!

We are very happy to announce you that The Stock Transfer Facility (STF) is active now. STF is about...

Date: 22-02-2018 , 11:32 am

3 New Health Care Products Are Coming Soon!

We are committed to make people healthy & wealthy. That's why we are busy in building a High Quality...

Date: 01-11-2017 , 12:05 pm

Congratulations To Mr. Manoj Kumar on becoming 1st Qualified Silver!

An insurance advisor & well educated person, Mr. Manoj Kumar is fastest growing Gyankul Business Own...

Date: 10-10-2017 , 01:03 pm

Welcome To The QCD!

Respected Gyankul Business Owners We All Did A Great Job in Last Quarter. Now its time to celebrate...

Date: 02-07-2017 , 01:52 pm

QCD is Going to Held on its Scheduled Time 08-07-16(2nd Saturday)!

Respected Gyankul Business Owners! First of All Congratulation on the completion of 1st Quarter of F...

Date: 01-07-2017 , 01:43 pm

Welcome in the World of GST in Bharat!

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect tax applicable throughout India which replaced multiple...

Date: 17-06-2017 , 02:10 pm

4New Products Are Coming Soon!

Good News For All Health Conscious Peoples, Sepcially Gyankul Business Owners! We are adding 4 More...

Date: 23-05-2017 , 05:22 pm

3 New Offers Are Available Upto 30 June 2017

Dear All! We are very glade to inform you that 3 New Interesting Offers are available upto 30th June...

Date: 22-05-2017 , 11:18 am

Aayushmaan Stabilized Aloevera is Available in New Packs & Prices

Hurrayyyy! Our Most Adorable Product "The Aayushmaan Stabilized Aloevera Drinking Gel" is now availa...

Date: 05-04-2017 , 11:08 am

QCD (Quarterly Celebration Day) is goning to held on This Saturday 08-04-2017

Gyankul Greetings To Everyone. We all are going to celebrate our worship of the 4th Quarter of FY16-...

Date: 24-03-2017 , 01:11 pm

Aayushmaan Tablets Range is Available Now

100% Ayurvedic & Generic Preparations. Manufactured in GMP Certified Units. Free From Gelatin, Glute...

Date: 19-02-2017 , 03:04 pm

Aayushmaan Tablets Range is Coming Soon!

Respected Gyankul Business Owners! We are very happy to announce you that the Aayushmaan Tablets Ran...

Date: 09-02-2017 , 12:27 pm

Congratulations Oneshot Ecofriendly Cleaning Coconcentrates are now available in 500ML Packs

The Oneshot Ecofriendly Cleaning Concentrates are Very High Quality Household Cleaners, which are no...

Date: 29-10-2016 , 03:37 pm

Gyankul Wishes You & Your Family A Very Happy Diwali!

May The Light of Diya Guide All of Us Toward Happiness, Joy & Wealth in life. We Wish You & Your Fam...

Date: 04-10-2016 , 02:02 pm

Invitation For the 5th QCD & Divya Danti Launching. Going to Held on 08-10-16 at GNC Kanina.

Dear Gyankul Business Owners! You all are cordially invited at 5th QCD (Quarterly Celebration Day) t...

Date: 30-08-2016 , 11:03 am

Congratulations! The Most Natural, Ayurvedic & Medicated Toothgel Divya Danti is Coming Soon!

The Most Natural, Ayurvedic & Medicated Oral Care Product - DIVYA DANTI is totally free from SLS, Pa...

Date: 01-07-2016 , 03:54 pm

Re-Engineered The Old Plan into 21st Century's Compensation Plan! Launching on QCD 09-07-2016!

Congratulation To All Gyankul Business Owners & Administration on 1st Anniversary of Gyankul Busines...

Date: 01-07-2016 , 02:44 pm

Very Exciting First Purchase Offers are Available for New Joiners!

For Newly Registered Gyankul Business Owners the first purchase offers are available. Do 50PPV in 30...

Date: 05-06-2016 , 04:12 pm

Product Launching Event of Oneshot Brand is Going To Held on 08-06-2016!

Respected Gyankul Business Owners! Its a proud & very special moment for us that we are going launch...

Date: 11-05-2016 , 05:22 pm

Congratulation! All Set for our First Manufacturing Unit of Liquid Cleaning Concentrates!

Dear Gyankul Business Owners, the management is very happy to announce you that as per the commitmen...

Date: 03-04-2016 , 02:22 pm

All Set For The QCD (Quarterly Celebration Day) on 09-04-2016 (2nd Saturday), 11 AM!

Dear GBOs! Its Time for Celebration! All Set For The QCD (Quarterly Celebration Day), which is going...

Date: 23-03-2016 , 10:41 am

Gyankul Wishes You & Your Family A Very Colourful & Happy Holi!

Gyankul Wishes You & Your Family A Very Colourful & Happy Holi! Get together for celebrating this Co...

Date: 01-03-2016 , 01:12 pm

Some Exciting Offers are Available for March 2016 (The Last Month of Fanancial Year 2015-16)!

Dear Gyankul Business Owners! Get The Benefits through our Very Exciting Offers for March 2016 (The...

Date: 27-01-2016 , 04:46 pm

Hurray! We are going to Launch Our Website&Software on 3rd QCD (Quarterly Celebration Day) Dated 09-04-2016

Hurray! We are going to Launch Our Website&Software on 3rd QCD (Quarterly Celebration Day) Dated 09-...